Writing about Whistleblowers, Oregon Writing Project Presentation

Tech tools

Daniel Ellsberg Model (30 min)

Tea Party (20 Min)

  • (5) Read your tea party role learn it
  • (10) Circulate the Room
  • (5) Which tea party character did you enjoy meeting the most. Who do you want to write on?

Letter Models (15)

Writing (20)

Collaborative Sharing (10)

Reflection (5)

Resources Articles

Whistle Blower Articles

Bradley Manning

Julian Assange (journalist who many see as being treated like a whistle blower)

Edward Snowden:

Thomas Drake:

John Kiriakou:

Jeffrey Wigand (Big Tobacco):

Glenn Greenwald (journalist who some believe is being treated just like a whistle blower)

Aaron Swartz (hacktivist prosecuted for downloading academic journals)

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