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This site will catalog my professional thoughts and teaching ideas.  Through an equity grant I will be receiving ipads to use in the classroom next year with incoming freshman. I will be teaching modern world history with rigor, literacy, and social justice in mind.

I’m starting my journey this summer by working on curriculum mapping, developing ipad policies, and improving my knowledge of reading strategies through a reading endorsement program at Lewis and Clark.

I will also be working on  writing strategies by participating in the Oregon Writing Project Summer and Year Long Workshops. I have uploaded pieces from my OWP Portfolio which includes curriculum inspired from my summer experience in the Oregon Writing Project. This year I am teaching Freshman Modern World History at Madison High School. I have the privilege to work with English teachers on my freshman Academy Team who are also trained through OWP. This curriculum reflects our collaboration. Along with participating in the Oregon Writing Project, I am also working on an Endorsement in Reading from Lewis and Clark. Many of these lessons reflect my passions to incorporate technology with intent, writing, reading, discussion, and social justice into the classroom. This year my course theme is creative solutions to world problems. To name a few topics: my students have studied the impacts of globalization, apartheid, modern revolutions, and resources on the world. My students have applied their thinking in role plays, socratic discussion, poetry, argumentative writing, news reports, movies, and historical fictions.

I have worked in education for a number of years in diverse settings since I graduated from American University. I have worked with largely low income and labeled at-risk youth. In DC public schools I worked with African American and Refugee ESL populations. I continued my work with this population at an Alternative School in Roxbury, Massachusetts with an emphasis on green building and project based learning. My student population was mostly teen parents, students trying to overcome a CORI or gang involvement, and/or high school dropouts in Boston Public Schools. Now, I work with a diverse mix of Freshman Students on 82nd Avenue in NE Portland at Madison High School. I have participated in both the Boston Writing Project with a focus on Trauma Sensitive Writing and the Oregon Writing Project with a focus on poetry, narrative, and argumentative writing. I am currently working towards a reading endorsement from Lewis and Clark. I am inspired by the Curriculum in Rethinking Schools, the Zinn Ed Project, and participate in online technology PLC’s like #sschat.  I am working towards building a computer science program at my school and host an after school computer science club. I am passionate about integrating meaningful technology into my classroom. This year my school is piloting an iPad 1:1 program with a grant received from a community partnership. As a teacher leader in my building, I am often asked to present technology PD to my colleagues.

For more resources about myself and my classroom please refer to the following:

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