Nearpod is a web based, iphone/ipad, or android App that allows teachers to share presentations with students. It lets your students become fully engaged participants as they interact with the presentation through polls, quizzes, videos, drawing interactivity, website-sharing, self-guided quizzes and more. As a teacher you can track your students participation. Nearpod will make a note whenever a student leaves the app (I have tested this and it works!). If you upgrade your account from the Free version it will also allow you to download reports and analytics of student performance.

Ways to Use it:

  • Give a Quiz
  • Guided Research
  • Make a historical lecture more interactive: Recently I created a nearpod presentation as an introduction to a unit on the Russian Revolution. Students were able to see primary source photos and video, define unfamiliar vocabulary words, take a pre-assessment content quiz, and start working on an interior monologue about life in Russia by participating in a brainstorm drawing followed by sharing a few lines of text. I was also able to direct students to websites of my choosing to help them gather information for their interior monologues.
  • Quickly gather and share models of student thinking: Nearpod allows students to share content in a few ways. They can share their thinking by taking a photograph, drawing, or typing. As a teacher you can push out a model of student work to all users.
  • Share classroom learning with parents
  • Flip your classroom by assigning an interactive lecture for homework.


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