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Tech Tool

How it can support student learning, reading, and writing:

Annotate Readings / Digital Notebook


$1.99 worth it!

Annotate any pdf, image, or webclip! A fantastic value for the price of this app, Notability combines the ability to annotate PDFs, with the opportunity to create original notes and word process all in one. Notes can be exported from the app as PDFs to Google Drive and via email. Notes can be exported from the app as PDFs to nearly every cloud storage service including Dropbox and Google Drive.

Share and receive materials  with students

Google Drive


Free. Amazing! Shared folders! Share and receive materials and folders with students. Easy Google Doc Integration.

Movie Making

iMovie (ipad app):

$4.99 but worth it!

Turn a written letter, argument, or story into a movie! Very easy to use. Similar to the full iMovie on a Mac, the iPad app lets you combine and edit videos/ photos that you have taken with your camera. You can produce a video in a few quick steps. The app allows for multiple audio tracks, transitions, and the use of themes. It also has great sharing features, allowing you to quickly post to YouTube, Vimeo, and to your Camera Roll to share by email.



Explain Everything: (ipad)


An extremely intuitive screencasting app with advanced features that make the price worth the investment. Along with every standard feature, this app includes three key upgrades: the ability to insert typed text, a red arrow “pointer”, and an the ability to export to YouTube, Dropbox as well as Evernote.  When exporting to YouTube, the screencast has to render and can take up to 10 minutes to export. Consider saving screencasts within the app and then exporting to YouTube after a class or school day.

Other App and Web Tool Recommendations


Tech Tool

How it can support Reading and Writing

Mind mapping

Popplet (Web app, ipad app)

Similar Web apps


·   Collaborative Bulleting Board:

Mind mapping, brainstorming, listing, organizing ideas for an assignment or essay

Movie Making (Common Craft Style)

Puppetpals (ipad)

Free but a paid version offers more features

Common craft style videos. My ELD students love using this app!

Annotate Readings / E-reading



A recent update lets you annotate some files but not all.

Share and receive materials  with students



Create shared folders with other Dropbox users. This allows course content to be shared with students who have their own Dropbox accounts. Any file type, including ePub and PDF, can be uploaded.

Share and receive materials with students

Google Docs/ Google Drive


Free. Amazing! Shared folders!

Share and receive materials with students



Upload content to Notebooks within an Evernote account online and share the entire Notebook with a unique URL. Students do not need their own Evernote account to access the content within the shared folder. If students do have an Evernote account, folders can be shared with specific users and students can access the course content within the Evernote app on the iPad.

Share and receive materials with students

Itunes U:

Create a course and automatically have students download video and class materials directly to their phones. The iTunesU app brings hundreds of courses directly to the iPad. In particular, there are lots of options for foreign language courses which include both text in the form of iBooks as well as audio for listening comprehension and pronunciation assistance. The challenge with iTunesU is directing students to the appropriate content. However, when used well, it is a great tool for both remediation as well as enrichment.

Record Audio

Google Voice

Record Audio. Download Audio and clip it to a video! Text a student for free. Take parent phone calls or texts without involving your personal cell phone.


Google Forms

Create and Embed Surveys

URL Shortener

URL Shortener. Why I like this over other URL Shorteners: Your shortened links are stored for later use; Catalogs data such as how many clicks and from where; Creates a QR code


Google translate

Students can receive both text as well as audio translations from this app, helping with both listening comprehension as well as vocabulary. To work on pronunciation, students can speak into the app to see if it recognizes and can translate their speech. Students can also “star” translations that they use regularly or found helpful for future reference. Works with youtube to translate most videos.

Word Processing

Google Docs

From the Google iPad app, users can view existing Google Presentations but can’t edit existing presentations or create new ones. This app is useful if interested in simply using the iPad to project a Google presentation from the iPad for presenting.

Collaborative Discussion/ Student response system (cell phone, ipad, and web)

Personal Learning Device/ Cell Phone Integration Tools. Silent and collaborative chat

Collaborative Discussion/ Student response system

Today’s meet (web)

Silent/ collaborative discussion

Collaborative Discussion/ Student response system

Socrative (cell phone, ipad, and web)

Socrative allows a teacher to quickly assess student understanding through quizzes or”exit-tickets”, and students can respond directly from the iPad. Working on a “room” system, students ender a teacher’s room number and then begin to take the assessment pushed out by the teacher. Accessible either via the specific Socrative apps or by pointing a web browser to the teacher portal ( or student portal (, assessments can be created and taken from the iPad or a computer. Each room allows for 50 students per quiz. Once the quiz is complete, Socrative provides a spreadsheet of responses that can be emailed directly to a teacher’s account.

Presentation Tool

Prezi (Web and ipad app)


Create, edit and present Prezis directly from iPad. Users can also update and edit existing Prezis created on a computer within a Prezi account. A path that is already established on an Prezi cannot be edited on iPad. However, Prezis can be downloaded from a Prezi account to the iPad app, allowing for offline viewing. YouTube videos included in a Prezi can only be viewed on iPad with an Internet connection.

Presentation Tool

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck, a free iPad app, is a completely new kind of presentation software designed to make your slides stunning. Whether you are pitching an idea, teaching a lesson, delivering a keynote, or igniting a movement, Haiku Deck makes presentations simple, beautiful, and fun.

Presentation Tool


Interactive Multimedia Presentations

Digital Stories


Create Animated/ Speaking Avatar Videos: Xtranormal: also try Voki:

Digital Storytelling

Create, read, and share visual stories

Social Media Productivity

Fakebook or Facebook Template in ppt.

Social Media exploration

Flyer Productivity

Smore Flyer

Publish Flyers:

Cartoon Productivity


Create Cartoons:


·    Sound Gecko- turn text into MP3 Audio Files:

Teacher organization tools

·   Create an electronic Lesson:

·   Evernote:

·   Grade Cam:

·   Bookmark and share resources:

·   Cam Scan- Turn your phone into a PDF collection:

·   Nearpod interactive presentations

Epub/ books

iBooks Author

Apple’s newest, free download that allows any Mac user with OSX 10.7 (Lion) to create an iBook that can be read on the iPad. The interface of iBooks Author is extremely easy to use and very closely mirrors the interface of iWork. The content of the iBook can be customized to include:

·       text

·       images

·       video

Once the iBook is complete, it can be exported from iBooks Author as a PDF, iBook or Text document. iBooks created in iBook Author can also be published to the iTunes stored from directly within the program.

Reflection ipad or iphone wirelessly

·   Reflection: Reflect your Ipad or Iphone wirelessly

While not an iPad app, Reflection allows an iPad to be mirrored to a MacBook. Using AirPlay on the iPad, when a MacBook on the same wireless network is running Reflection, the iPad image can be wirelessly mirrored to the MacBook screen and then projected via an LCD projector in a classroom. This solution technically does not allow an iPad to control a computer remotely, but allows a teacher to be mobile in a classroom and have the iPad projected for the entire class.

This is in no way an extensive list! I put it together very quickly. If there is something specific you are looking to do in the classroom let me know!

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